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 A Journey for the Senses


As a start, a little exercise to get used to the place: Just imagine the Moselle Region. Try it! Imagine the imposing river from the French Vosges, through Germany's oldest town, Trier, down to the mouth of the Rhine towards Coblenz. Go on! Close your eyes and embark on a short imaginary trip. You probably have now thought of wonderful vineyards and romantic wine growing villages, of the imposing view on top of the steepest European Vineyard and of the taste of exquisite wine. You are right!

People of the Moselle Region are, after all, wine fans and the Moselle with its 5000 hectares, is the widest Riesling cultivation area in the world. By the way, this beautiful region offers more than vine tradition and slate surroundings.

The Moselle is a feeling of life. Go on a trip that promises you unforgettable impressions.